bodbx is precision strength by AI. Originally hand-built to ensure that an elite contingent of US Olympic swimmers from Berkeley reached individual peak performance faster and more consistently than any human ever, the bodbx "szn1" iteration was quietly offered via unassuming Kickstarter campaign shortly after Chuck (founder, CEO) concluded 2016 Olympic Trials - the campaign sold out, fast.

Your bodbx uses an intelligent camera device and patented AI-powered training engine to provide world-class movement training for anyone, anywhere. It's capacity to comprehend the optimal pathways to an individual's maximal strength progression surpasses the limits of human cognition.

Scan the QR code on packaging to get connected, set your schedule, and pick training goals. Meet your new training partner.




Watching throughout workout, it leverages neural networks to analyze and report on your form and velocity.

Glance at progress charts, make note of your wins, and get geared up for your next session with a scroll along the dashboard.

Leave periodization, optimal movement selection, and the rest to your genius little training partner. Ideal for gym use but movements can be modified at home or in nature.

iOS and Android compatibility

Workouts feature movement gifs, movement cues, and audio (if you're into that - notifications can be disabled).

Everything you need

Charge up using the included usb power cable. Utilize its box as storage between your training sessions.

Wanna know more?

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